The Little Princess and the Frog

Miss Lydia is one of those babies that ooze personality and taking her photos is always so much fun. Mom dressed her in one of the most impressive outfits I have seen to date, check out those adorable sneakers! Mom said that being a baby of the 80’s herself, it has inspired Lydia’s fashion! I love it 🙂 Oh and this little princess devoured her frog cake, green icing was everywhere and it was awesome! Enjoy your sneak peek mom (and please excuse the image quality. Since changing the format of my blog I have some tweaking to do for posting photos).


Alex takes Sydney by storm!

I love my yearly family photo session with the B family! Every fall I look forward to seeing their smiling faces and what super dapper outfit mama will pick out for their little guy Alex. And of course this year was no exception. Little Alex was hilarious; he is so full of energy and has an amazing little personality and dance moves! Alex is going to be four in December, which means that I have almost known this family for four years (I did Alex’s newborn photos), where does time go! I hope you enjoy your sneak peak mama B, your disc will be in the mail soon 🙂

Miss Bailey is ONE!

I don’t know how my Watch Me Grow babies do it but they get cuter every session. I just love watching their little personalities develop as they get closer to the one year mark and toddlerhood. Miss Bailey brought her beautiful blue eyes and smiles to our session in grandma’s backyard and made me laugh as she danced to “Forget You.” Mom warned me that Bailey is a hesitant eater and might not go for her cake, well she had to prove mama wrong (sure sign that toddlerhood is approaching) and dove right in!

Welcoming Baby Matthew

There is a really good reason that I am behind on returning emails… Someone decided to make his debut early! Here are a few shots of our new little guy Matty. I was able to get in two different set ups before he pooped on everything and my body told me enough! I learned that photographing your own baby at 5 days post birth is not as easy as photographing others, lol! So here are a few shots of the many more to come I am sure!